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Exchange Usurps Notes in iPhone Annoucement

March 6th, 2008 by Corey Davis

Notes 8 LogoTo anyone who follows the tech news at all, and probably even if you don’t, you likely already know that Apple made several announcements today related to the iPhone . There has been much anticipation ever since the Opening General Session at Lotusphere in January when Domino Web Access was announced for the iPhone and iPod Touch to see just what Lotus and Apple could put together. No timeframe was announced for this integration, but it was generally assumed to be at the same time as the iPhone SDK. We have been hearing rumors for weeks now that Apple would announce enterprise integration into the iPhone today and have even been hearing about IBM executives being in Cupertino today. The obvious takeaway was that IBM had made the greatest PR move in years and linked themselves with Apple.

apple-sdk-012.jpgThe general level of excitement amongst many in the Lotus community has been high over the SDK announcement but was made even higher with dreamy thoughts of Notes on the iPhone being only days or weeks away. Sadly, as the announcements were made today, when the topic of enterprise integration came up it was coupled with Exchange and ActiveSynch. Not a single solitary mention of Lotus Notes. This has spawned some early reaction from the community, mostly citing disappointment. A small thread, though likely to grow, began quickly on vowe.net. Ed Brill responded by stating that even he was surprised with the lack of announcement, but what that announcement might have been he did not say. Is it DWA? A stripped down Notes client? Traveler?

Does it even matter now? After all, if the announcement comes later today, tomorrow, or next week the proverbial ship has sailed. The Golden opportunity to have Notes (or DWA or Traveler or whatever) indelibly linked with iPhone enterprise integration is lost. The announcement will amount to — what? — a press release? Wow. How much lessapple-sdk-013.jpg excitement will that generate than to have had the words “Lotus Notes Integration” splashed across the big screen and the power of Lotus Notes talked up by Apple?

The argument, of course, is that iPhone sales, while impressive, are not at Blackberry levels. And they are not being seriously used or even considered for the enterprise, so why bother?

PR. Simple as that. As a community we fight an uphill battle against the Microsoft FUD engine on a daily basis. I’m not necessarily talking about internal corporate fights but rather external general assumptions about Notes. Notes is dead. Notes sucks. We’ve heard it over and over and over again. Right now Apple is cool. It is shiny, slick, and can do no wrong. They have beautiful brushed aluminum machines that Dell only wishes they could apple-sdk-015.jpgemulate. They have locked us all into their DRM-enabled iTunes without so much as us twitching. They charge us five hundred bucks for a phone that isn’t even 3G enabled and we buy them! They are so freakin’ cool that even Mike Rhodin copied — cheeky as it was — the MacBook Air announcement when he displayed the Lotus Foundations server at Lotusphere. So, to get the Lotus Notes brand associated with the hottest, most press-covered gadget in recent history is worth delaying 8.5 (and I am serious about that) in order to pull resources and get a beautiful, functional, stripped down Notes client with full mail, calendar, and to do tasks in enough working order to be demoed today. If EA was able to get a working version of Spore in the iPhone in the limited time they had the SDK, IBM could have done something! How better to fight the “Notes is dead” mentality then to have the coolest tech company show off Notes on their product? How much better could it be when you go to the iPhone enterprise page to see the Lotus logo rather than the Exchange logo? Link yourself with Apple right now, especially theapple-sdk-019.jpg iPhone, and you garner an immediate uptick in your coolness factor that cannot be manufactured no matter how hard IBM tries.

So, I’m sure in the next few days or weeks or whatever we will finally hear the announcement. By then, will anyone care?

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4 Responses

  1. Declan Lynch Says:

    I totally agree.

  2. mark hughes Says:

    great writing and observations, you summed up everything very well.

  3. Gregg Eldred Says:

    Sadly, I have to agree. What really makes me sad is that it didn’t have to be like this.

  4. Corey Says:

    I’m usually a pretty upbeat kind of guy. I usually stray away from this type of punditry. But, this one just upset me too much. The loss of such a great opportunity slipped passed is dreadful.

    I’ve thought more about this since posting and maybe IBM tried to get in there. Hard to say at the moment. But if they did and Apple said “nah, we pass” then that just means that Apple sees Notes as being a less strategic partner to showcase enterprise solutions on the iPhone and that is truly sad. And if that is the case then it only underscores just how little respect Notes gets. And that is what really has me down tonight.

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