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Underselling Lotus Notes

March 12th, 2008 by Corey Davis

Notes 8 LogoI’m setting here scratching my head over this post in Business Week’s Byte of the Apple blog today. It discusses the enterprise integration of the iPhone now that the SDK is out and one piece of information puzzled me (emphasis mine):

But having crossed out one round of problems, a new crop will inevitably appear. For example, many big companies — maybe 20% of them — use software other than Exchange, such as IBM’s Lotus Domino.

What? Maybe 20%? This statement lumps in Notes with other messaging platforms indicating that Notes has less than 20% market share. Ridiculous! Gartner reported that Notes had a market share of about 42% in 2006 and was on the rise while Exchange took 47% and was on a decline, albeit a slow decline. IDC had similar numbers.

So were did this 20% number come from? I saw it multiple times when searching Google. And then I found it:

Lotus Notes has 23% market share according to Radicati.

I should have known.

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4 Responses

  1. Patrick Kwinten Says:

    uhm, call me stupid but Radicati is a MS vendor?

  2. Corey Says:

    The exact relationship between Microsoft and Radicati has always been a bit unclear to me, but if you search around you will find that Microsoft pays Radicati to create these whitepapers. To be fair about it, Radicati claims that while Microsoft pays them, the whitepapers are accurate. However, when the numbers are so blatantly skewed I do not see how that could be so.

  3. Zac Says:

    Lotus Notes has about a 10% Market Share as of Feb 2008

  4. Corey Says:

    It is difficult for me to comment on this intelligently without seeing the report, and I’m not really feeling up to paying $2,500 just to read it. However, there are some interesting items that can be extrapolated out of the blurb and comments that David Ferris makes about the report (see here: http://www.ferris.com/?p=318858) . It would appear that this 10% number is based on the number of organizations that use Domino, not the percentage of seats. Given that most organizations are SMB and not enterprise, I can see how the percentage of organizations could be highly skewed in Exchange’s favor. This, however, is not a good indication of true market share which, IMHO, is based on seats. After all, which is more important? Having 10% of the organizations, or 43% of the seats? Maybe there is a per-seat breakdown in the report. I don’t know. If anyone out there does, please share.

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