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Help Name Our New Application

August 11th, 2008 by Corey Davis

Notes 8 LogoIn celebration of Yellowday ’08 I would like for you to help name Conxsys’s newest application.

As you likely know, if you follow this blog, I have been absent from blogging lately. Some of this is because the short items I used to post here now go up on Twitter, but mostly it is because I have been heads down working on a new application. Well, sort of new. Let me explain.

Last year we released VantagePoint for Server Documents into a very early Alpha test. It was a great way to test the water early on to see if we had something that would be of interest. In the past year Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 have been downloaded and tested over a thousand times, so I’d say we have something that organizations need. Let me first address your immediate thought:

“Did he just say that this app has been in Alpha for a year?”

Yup. I did. And it has. On first blush the application may not seem like much. It just sits there on your server and monitor’s your Server Documents for changes. If a change is found it logs it. Maybe it sends out an alert if you configured it that way. But, for the most part, it is a silent little guy just lurking in the corner not making a lot of noise. But when the day comes — oh, and it will come — that one of your Server Document field’s is modified, whether intentionally or accidentally, and you want that field reverted back pronto because all sorts of havoc are being wreaked in your Domino environment you will be happy to know that:

A. VantagePoint knows exactly what field or fields were changed.
B. When they were changed.
C. Who changed them.
D. Most importantly it knows what the previous value was.
E. Oh, and then there’s that nice little Rollback Field button that will change the field back to what it used to be.

It is also nice to have that piece of mind in knowing that all configuration changes are being monitored for change control.  But obviously there is more to this than just monitoring server documents. In the past year, in between all the other wonderful projects and customer obligations, work has continued on VantagePoint. Beta 1 will be released shortly (a date will be announced on this blog in the coming weeks) and due to such a long Alpha cycle we feel that the application has really been run through its paces quite extensively. To that end, the Beta cycle will be short. After the Beta cycle this is what is going to happen:

The application will be released, for free (as in gratis, no charge, $0.00). Soon after another version, the pay version (you saw that coming didn’t you?) will be released. This one will monitor any document in any database. Want to monitor all the configuration documents in the directory? Fine. Want to monitor documents in a custom built application? No problem! Any document. Any database. We are watching.

Okay, now that you know what it is, what it does and what it will do, let’s get back to this help with the name. VantagePoint is so, well, so…boring. Now that we are so near to Beta time and thus near to release, it’s about time that this application gets a proper name. Here are the rules:

A. It needs to be simple (preferably one word).
B. It needs to convey the meaning of the application.
C. It cannot be the same name as an existing Domino application (duh) and I would prefer it not be the same name of an existing Exchange application (in order to avoid confusion ’cause we don’t do Exchange around here!).
D. I don’t care if the domain name is available because I probably won’t buy it anyway.
E. Sorry to all of you E lovers out there, but there is no E.

My choices for name have been narrowed down to two names:



I think Snapshot is clear and concise. Essentially, that is what the app is doing: taking a snapshot of documents. But it is slightly on the boring side.

Paparazzi just sounds so much cooler to me. Their job is to document every move a celebrity makes, so you can correlate that to monitoring every change a document undergoes. But the paparazzi have negative connotations associated with them.

So, I dunno. What do you think? Snapshot or Paparazzi? Or do you have something better?

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10 Responses

  1. David Leedy Says:

    What about “ScrapBook”?

    A scrapbook is a record of historcal events…..

  2. Andre Guirard Says:

    Snapshot implies user action to take the snapshot, and doesn’t say anything about restoring.
    Paparazzi has negative connotations and doesn’t sound like anything helpful.
    I don’t really like either name.
    Words that suggests the ability to rescue or put things back to previous good state might be nice, e.g. rewind, belay, deOopsify? Config Minder?

  3. Carl Tyler Says:

    SNAPPS have a product called SnappShot, might get a little confusing in the Domino marketplace.

    How about “Delta” as that’s what you’re tracking in away

  4. Garrett Wolthuis Says:

    How about “Fortress”? You’re basically protecting historical and change management information. Also Fortress is a version of the game dominoes.

  5. Corey Davis Says:

    Wow, thanks guys. I really appreciate all the ideas.

    Given your comments, Carl, I think Snapshot is out.

    Andre, I really like Rewind.

    If anyone else has any other ideas let me know. And thanks again!

  6. Chris Blatnick Says:

    How about “Flashback”? One word, sounds actionable, and relays that you can go back in time (a la a flashback in a movie). Plus it sounds kind of cool. ;-)

  7. Mike McGarel Says:

    In keeping with the entertainment theme, how about “BackStory,” since the product keeps track of what went on behind the scenes?

  8. Glenn Says:

    KeepTrack :)

  9. Corey Davis Says:

    I would like to express my sincere appreciation to everyone who took a few minutes out of their day to ponder this app’s name. I really love some of the suggestions and will decide on the name in the coming days and or weeks. Again, my thanks!

  10. Scott Petricig Says:

    Actually, I really like VantagePoint :)

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