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Flow v1.0 Beta 3 LS Logging Engine Released

October 10th, 2008 by Corey Davis

Notes 8 LogoThis latest release of Flow, an open-source LotusScript logging engine, includes a speed enhancement provided by Kevin Pettitt, a fix for a rare inaccuracy in the error count, and adds new functionality such as ContinueText, a log cleanup utility, localization for easier international integration and more.

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to Kevin Pettitt (SuperNTF) not only for the bug fix but for encouraging me to get Beta 3 out the door. Also, if any international developers using Flow takes advantage of the localization I would very much appreciate it if you would send me your localization libraries for inclusion in future versions of Flow.

Flow is available on OpenNTF.org.

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5 Responses

  1. Kevin Pettitt Says:

    Now if I can just get you to change the name :-)

  2. Tony Palmer Says:

    How about log4Dom ;-)

    Check out my posting circa 2003 in the openntf code bin.

    I also wanted a logging tool to write to a document (like log4j), rather than the openlog way and to write to log files or messageboxes.

    I must say though, I like your implementation better than my own. Having the richtext support and mail enabling – something that I thought about but never implemented.

    I’m not sure how I missed your original posting – I’ve sort of assumed that most people use openlog these days.

    BTW : I still use the same(ish) code for my applications today. You can never under estimate the value of a good logging system.

  3. Corey Davis Says:


    Thanks for the kind words! I agree that most people do use OpenLog, and why wouldn’t they? It is fantastic! But, it really doesn’t address what Flow or log4Dom does. BTW…I have to admit I missed log4Dom. Before releasing Flow I searched through the projects for something like Flow and didn’t find anything. I didn’t think of looking at the Code Bin. I’ll look at it in the next few days.

  4. Kevin Pettitt Says:

    Just goes to show how important the name is for effectively conveying what something is all about.

  5. Corey Davis Says:


    I knew you were going to say that! :-)

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