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Talk Me Down: End-of-Life for First Generation iPhone Looming?

March 17th, 2009 by Corey Davis

Today Apple held their press event for the iPhone 3.0 SDK preview. There are some great things coming to the new iPhone OS, due to launch in the summer, but a comment by Greg Joswiak near the end of the event regarding the launch date of the OS caught my attention:

And we’re going to ship it this summer. And we’re going to ship it as a customer update free to all of our iPhone 3G customers. And as a special bonus, we’ve even enabled it to work on the original iPhone.

As a special bonus? This phrasing, along with how he stated this, his inflection, makes me wonder if Apple is preparing us for an end-of-life announcement on the original iPhone hardware. I don’t think this is too far fetched consider that 2-year contracts will be up and ready for renewal, oh, let’s see….this summer!

Anybody who reads this blog regularly knows that I do not usually deal in rumors and such. And I am not trying to create a rumor. But, that statement was left hanging out there on the stage and just seems too intnetional. Am I off base here? Should I prepare to buy a new phone?

Talk me down.

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