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Flow v1.1 Released on OpenNTF

Posted By Corey Davis On December 10, 2012 @ 8:00 am In Domino | No Comments

It has been 4 years since I released the first beta version of Flow on OpenNTF.org [1], and almost 2 years since the last update. I must apologize to the users who suggested modifications to Flow and have been waiting for me to get them into the code. This is a minor release, but it does have some nice new features thanks to those patient users.

Critical Error Logging
Error logging has to be part of any logging tool, and Flow was no exception. However, now you can trap for critical errors and in one line of code log the error to the log document and send an e-mail about the error to whomever needs to know about it. This will alleviate the tedious task of looking through your logs for those critical errors because you will be notified by e-mail as in the example below:


Log Summary
While logging is a great way to see the step-by-step process that your agents take to ensure healthy activity, there are times where you only want to see a quick summary such as a successful completion message or number of documents processed as in the example below:


Task Timers
Two different timer functions were added so that you can easily time and log how long different events in your code take to process. These convenience functions can be exceptionally useful during performance tuning.

No More Formula Errors in the Log View!
Yes, finally, the ugly date/time formula errors in the log are a things of the past! As soon as the log document is created, the start date is recorded and the summary flag set so that we no longer get those ugly errors:


That pretty much wraps up the changes to v1.1. Instructions for how to use these new features can be found in the Flow API Guide. Flow, the advanced LotusScript logging engine, can be downloaded from OpenNTF.org [1]. Flow is free and open-source, so feel free to modify it in any manner that suits your needs. If you do make an interesting modification, please let me know and I may incorporate it into the next version.

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